Customer Experience and Cloud Technology Consulting Company

We help brands achieve desired results from Customer Data Platforms, Marketing Automation tools, Data Management Platforms and AI-Driven Customer Engagement Tools.

From strategy to implementation to execution, team Rezultize is comprised of skilled professionals with expertise and experience that encompasses a broad range of industry verticals in data-driven cloud marketing automation solutions.

Rezultize helps brands

  • Orchestrate data driven personalized customer engagements across all channels to drive revenue and growth.
  • Strategize, deploy, maintain and monitor marketing technology solutions to deliver the most amazing customer experiences to their end customers
  • Build a customer 360 profile to deliver real-time, personalized and enriched experiences at every customer touch point.

Introduction to Rezultize

Omnichannel Engagement

Every marketing automation tool has the ability to communicate over multiple channels (Email, SMS, Push, Voice, etc). If all these channels work independently then a consistent, seamless and personalized experience across every channel is not achievable. When all the channels work with one another then the experience will evolve into Omnichannel customer experience. Rezultize team will:

  • Implement Omnichannel customer experience for a single, seamless interaction with consumers across all channels, both online and offline
  • Execute strategies and tool customization for complete engagement with customers on any channel
  • Develop automation to facilitate consistent service across channels
  • Unlock the full power of the marketing automation platforms to engineer unified view of the customer to facilitate consistent iteration across all channels

Customer Data Platform

Implementation of Customer Data Platform (CDP) to capture, correlate, and activate customer data across multiple channels, devices, and technologies. Generate a single view of the customer and allow for powerful data enablement across multiple teams, tools, skill sets, and features. Build centralized data to be used by all facets of an organization in real time. Rezultize team will:
  • Implement Customer Data Platform solution combining identity resolution, data enrichment capabilities and audience management
  • Build unified customer experience by gathering and acting on unified customer information.
  • Build a data driven customer engagement strategy
  • Provide consistent omnichannel experience to customers
  • Develop / Customize Customer Data Platform that puts marketing departments in direct control of the data unification
  • Solution focused primarily on marketing requirements. Capitalize on marketing opportunities through real-time messages
  • Capture, correlate, and activate customer data across multiple channels, devices, and technologies
  • Measure the ROI from Customer Data Platform though combination of monetary gains, efficiency gains and business objectives to attain

Data Management Platform

Implement complete data profiles of customers to deliver personalized marketing experience, optimise cross-device engagement strategy and drive business performance with real-time intelligence. This will help organizations reach right consumers in the right places and the right time.
  • Build the Audience segmentation by device and the environment to increase the effectiveness of engagements
  • Optimize the media buys by identifying devices driving conversions and modifying the campaign strategies to focus on the conversion points and eliminate wasted impressions
  • Capture the first party data and activate to the Advertising platforms for customer acquisition process
  • Build the Lookalike audiences against Truth sets to validate the data against a subset of deterministic data based on authoritative sources

Social Media Marketing

Rezultize team partners with organizations to listen, engage and publish with their customers over powerful social media platforms.

  • Gather sentiment analysis
  • Develop effective awareness campaigns or campaigns targeting sentiment analysis
  • Build campaigns to engage with social community
  • Monitor customer customer engagement and measure the impact of social media marketing