Start Driving Better Customer Experience and Insights with Data-driven Predictions

Tealium enabled Machine Learning powered insights allowing you to predict customer behavior and take proactive action across every channel. This new capability will allow you to:

Anticipate Customer Behavior

Data about your customers’ past behaviors holds clues to their future behaviors. When you can accurately predict future behaviors, you can take action to shape them toward better outcomes. Tealium Predict ML uses the power of machine learning to predict the likelihood of any behavior you’re tracking in Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform. Now you can anticipate when a customer will make a purchase and take action to increase revenue. Or identify prospects who won’t purchase and suppress them from advertising to save costs. The possibilities are endless!

Learn What Data Points are Predictive

Tealium Predict ML shows you exactly which customer data points are used by your custom-tailored models to create predictions, as well as how important each data point is to the prediction. By getting insights into the most important behaviors you can craft better customer experiences that more effectively support your goals. When predicting a purchase, for example, you might see that a particular video view, or offline interaction is critical. Or if predicting cart abandonment, you might see a particular device overly represented, implying there may be a bug. Armed with these insights, you can take action to produce better results.

Machine Learning Insights “In-Line” with Your Customer Data Supply Chain

Machine learning projects are notoriously resource-intensive. Even if you have a good model, it can be hard to feed it enough high quality data. Once you figure that out, it can be even more time-consuming and difficult to activate those insights so they’re actually benefiting your customers. Tealium Predict ML coupled with AudienceStream CDP is the lowest cost and lowest risk way to simultaneously solve these challenges. Predictions simply become another data point in the customer profile that can be activated using our industry-leading integration marketplace. All of a sudden, machine learning capabilities are sitting in-line with data collection and activation, powering your whole tech stack.