A truly universal technology platform collects data from every source and provides flexible options for the distribution of that data across desktop, mobile web, mobile apps, IoT and connected devices.

Tealium EventStream, part of Tealium’s Universal Data Hub, is a lightweight data collection and delivery solution to manage all cloud-based (server-side) data from one, central hub where anyone can orchestrate the data powering customer experience.

Create a Universal Data Foundation

Data can be collected and delivered in two different ways— client-side (browser) and cloud based delivery (server-side). With the number of devices and channels generating data, brands need both capabilities to create a common foundation across disparate channels. As part of the Tealium Customer Data Hub, EventStream’s cloud data collection and activation enables brands to have unparalleled control over the entire data supply chain.

Flexibly Manage Data Supply Chain Through Simple Interface

Quickly and easily orchestrate cloud data collection from any source to activation in any destination. Integrate your entire technology stack with easy-to-use tools enabling data integration at the click of a button. The EventStream API Hub is particularly valuable for data collection and activation on mobile and connected device applications where processing power is limited.

Activate Data Easily Across Channels

Tealium’s integration marketplace includes a broad array of turnkey integrations for both client-side and cloud delivery. As more vendors allow for cloud delivery, Tealium is rapidly building out this marketplace. Ensure optimal organizational efficiency and the fastest time to market with tools enabling employees to use data wherever it’s needed.

Reduce Reliance on Developer Resources

Setup data sources with an easy-to-use, point and click user interface. Simplify vendor deployment for marketers, developers, analysts and more, while still ensuring robust and high quality data collection and delivery. This democratizes data access and streamlines operations.

Robust and Lightweight Data Collection, Minimize SDKs

Customers expect value from any experience in seconds, especially on mobile. Mobile apps need to be fast, stable and use the network as little as possible. At the same time, you need real-time metrics to understand how the apps are used and are performing. With a lightweight client, the vendor-specific logic to record these events can be done server-side to streamline data delivery by removing vendor tags from your visitor’s browser. This is also ideal for desktop and web experiences where efficiency is critical.

Power Big Data Systems with Clean and Correlated Dataset

Easily stream all, or just a filtered sub-set, of your big data in real time to any major cloud computing platform (instead of expensive post-processing). Feed IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) applications with front-line customer interaction data using integrations for Google Cloud via Pub/Sub, Amazon Web Services via Kinesis and SQS, and Microsoft Azure through Streaming Analytics. Using extensive and simple-to-deploy installation libraries, organizations can integrate digital properties with streaming data solutions without the need to write custom code.

Leverage Data in Real-time

With increasing mobile usage, it’s more important than ever to have the capability to act in the moment. With data available in real time, you can take action to engage the customer at the right time. If you’re stuck waiting hours or days for data or insights, you’re wasting opportunities to engage customers at critical moments.

Maximize Data Security

Highly sensitive data is best kept away from unpredictable or uncontrollable environments, like a user’s browser. EventStream gives you options for managing data in the cloud to maintain the highest possible security. Tealium’s cloud infrastructure is certified to the most stringent security requirements.