Every marketer is facing the same problem. Every single channel and interaction with a prospect or a customer are generating a large amount of data. Asides from this, you might be partnering with other companies and solutions that are also generating more data. DATA EXPLOSION!!!

Dont worry! Tealium gives you this control – through intelligent data management, data collection and data integration across all of your first-party and third-party data sources – web, mobile, CRM, financial, social, publisher and advertising networks and everything else.

Tealium unifies data in the Tealium Customer Data Hub – a Customer Data Platform that combines identity resolution, data enrichment capabilities and robust audience management.

Rezultize helps you implementing Tealium, as well as making sense of the utilization of the platform.

Identity Resolution – Full Visualization of your Customer Data

Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior with the ability to stitch together unknown and known profiles across sessions, through devices and offline channels, such as call center and point of sale. You can now provide marketing and customer intelligence teams with a complete set of actionable online and offline interaction data.

Build Rich Customer Profiles Based on Your Own Rules

With AudienceStream’s powerful marketer-defined business rules, you can define new profile attributes such as content affinity, lead scoring, and lifetime value allow you to align your marketing metrics with those most applicable to your business.

Take Real-time Action

The AudienceStream ecosystem is made up of deep, native integrations with leading email, marketing automation, online advertising, social, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enabling real-time action within the marketing technologies you already use. You can trigger actions, based on behaviors, and engage with your customers like never before across any channel.

World’s Largest Customer Data Integration Ecosystem

Tealium’s industry-leading integration marketplace is unmatched in the number and diversity of integrations. Leverage pre-built turnkey connectors for server-side data collection and delivery, or use client-side tags or pixels as needed based on vendor technology or business considerations. Or build custom integrations using webhooks, APIs, SDKs and custom connections in most development languages.

Optimize Technology Spending

AudienceStream enables you to easily discover and target a diverse mix of audience segments, and speak to them at the right time, in the right way, ensuring that your marketing dollars are spent on the activities that will make an impact. See how AudienceStream uses media suppression as a tactic to manage profitability and brand equity.

Add Data Management Capabilities to Build a Comprehensive Data Supply Chain

Use AudienceStream as part of the Tealium Customer Data Hub to build a comprehensive data supply chain directly powering customer experience and customer insights. Gain the ability to leverage visitor-level data via event-level data infrastructure. Use the same data foundation whether integrating client-side or server-side, with event-level data or visitor-level data.

Embrace Mobile and Connected Devices

Engage with your customer across any device, at any time, with a consistent message. AudienceStream recognizes visitors across devices by collecting any known identifier and matching that identifier across sessions on any mobile or connected device.

Maximize Data Security

Highly sensitive data is best kept away from unpredictable or uncontrollable environments, like a user’s browser. EventStream gives you options for managing data in the cloud to maintain the highest possible security. Tealium’s cloud infrastructure is certified to the most stringent security requirements.