Intelligent Customer Engagement

Analyze user behavior, Engage across channels and Personalize every touchpoint.

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Analyze behavior through trends, funnels, and cohorts. Map user journeys, identify drop-off points and understand what causes churn.


Group users based on their behavior and attributes. Leverage predictive models that automatically group users into “champions”, “price sensitive”, “churn risk” and more.


Create and automate Omnichannel journeys for your users across Push, In-app, Website, Email, SMS and Ad Retargeting.


Let Sherpa, MoEngage’s AI engine, auto optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions. Sherpa, not only identifies the top performing message variant on the fly. It also sends those messages at the time when the individual is most likely to read it.


Map user’s behavior with your catalogue and delight them with product and content recommendations that are spot-on.