5 Reasons Why Data should be important for you

For digital marketers, data is a gold mine of potential. Even back in the 70s with its planning teams and high-profile advertising agencies, it has been a marketer’s job to know exactly what a consumer is wanting and how to reach them. Learning what makes them shop how they do, and honestly seeing the psychology behind everything that is bought and sold on the market.

As a marketer, you have probably spent a lot of time collecting numerous data points in abundance and using that along with observations and insights that come with your experience. This has not helped you create a much better-targeted campaign, but it probably has also helped you hit the bullseye in your marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind, that with all the data you currently have, and the amount that is still waiting to be mined, you can easily find you’re becoming complacent. It’s not hard to see as information overload has become an increasingly significant problem on the web. With so many options to view what is online, many consumers may often find themselves trying to keep their heads above the water or risk drowning in the constant din of marketers and ads that saturate today’s online presence.

So, why is data so important?

Helps you identifying a consumer’s online habits

Sounds easy enough for a digital marketer, but know how consumers conduct themselves online is the critical factor in creating and building campaigns that will rise above the others and build traction. Part of this could be identifying what is popular within a specific demographic. It can also relate to how long someone of this demographic watches a video. While some of this data can be mined from a macro level, it can help you target the specific channels needed. This will allow you to work with your creative and technical teams so you can develop the right campaigns to get the results you want.

Enables focusing on relevancy

While you may have the right demographics, you want a campaign that will appeal to them. As attitudes and trends change regularly, using the data you have at your disposal can be used to create a campaign that is targeted and relevant to your audience. Analyzing this data can help you identify themes and topics that are popular. After all, you want to create a campaign that audiences want to see and hear. You can use this information to power your campaigns and marketing strategy.

Provides us flexibility

As you communicate online, the data you have will give you the flexibility you need, so your strategies and campaigns are agile and change as necessary to stay relevant. Even though you have a campaign up and going, you’ll be collecting more data as it runs. This real-time data will show you how effective your campaign is and also if you need to use this current data to make any changes or adjustments as to goes. In the time of big advertising agencies or TV ads, this flexibility wasn’t there. Once an ad was up for a time, it usually stayed there as the cost to change it was too high.

Every audience is different and therefore, not equal

When it comes to online channels, there is an increasing visual of diversity on the web. Any sweeping statements or generalizations no longer hold sway as many consumers no longer fit into the old categories of yesteryear. People from all walks of life are part market, and your campaign needs to reflect his diversity. To create highly targeted campaigns, agencies and brands need to show audiences that they are valued like never before if they want to see any results.

Allows you to truly know your consumers

Today’s digital marketing world is always in flux due to social media. The social networks of today have proven to be a catalyst of change and evolution in how you, a digital marketer, will plan your campaigns. Each network has opened up many opportunities and channels to give you the insights you need into how your targeted audience behaves, their likes and dislikes, and their preferences. In the end, social networks are where many consumers are likely to hear from brands they identify with. Because of this vast opportunity, brands need to approach them all with respect. With this, focusing on engagement has become not only a two-way marketing approach but the only way for a brand to move forward.

With all the data that is at your disposal to use, you can quickly develop a real understanding of the diversity and buying culture of your audience. You can be a part of the relevancy rather than leading the conversation or force your messages at them.

When it comes to the social power of social networks, it means sharing this valuable information. It’s delivering content that your audience needs or wants to hear and allowing them the choice to share it within their network. By doing this, your reach will expand exponentially and delivers to the behavior traits of your targeted audience. They will then share this content daily as they do other sources. As a digital marketer, it’s essential to be part of this conversation now, especially if your brand wants to survive and remain relevant in today’s world. Using the unlimited data at your fingertips is essential to creating and perfecting diverse campaigns to move your brand forward.

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