Potential utilization of targeting and personalization by Property Finder.

Business Challenge

  • Target new and existing customers on a real-time basis.
  • Send out communications in real-time in response to a user triggered event like a sign-in or a form submission.
  • Send out personalized content.
  • Send time optimization of email campaigns.
  • Automation of database entries via API calls.
  • The current existing platform did not provide cross-channel communications.


  • Rezultize collaborated with the client marketing team to implement Acoustic Marketing Automation Platform.
  • Rezultize team built and deployed a series of API driven solutions to update the system when a user took action on the website – Instant, Personalized Communications!
  • Rezultize team was able to build and automate the system with rules and filters such that a user would receive communication that was relevant and specific to their browsing interests.
  • Rezultize team also utilized Watson STO (Send-Time-Optimization) to enable the client to reach their end-users at the right time, every time.
  • Automation of the campaigns and real time event responses added immense value to their existing journey flows.


  • Customer team was able to utilize the Acoustic Marking Automation Platform to its full potential and were able to target their customers in real-time and with personalized content.
  • Client were able to create new cross selling opportunities via greater user engagement. Nurtured existing customers and encourage more customers to renew property leases.
Success Metrics How we achieved this
Improved open rate from 10.45 to 16.37 % Better Segmentation, Defined Rules and data filtering. More personalized communication.
CTO moved up to 8.36% from 4.5% By personalizing content and sending relevant content based on user interest we could induce a better CTO
Unsubscribe dropped from 1.56% to 0.41% Can be attributed to relevant communications that catered to users current market interests
Bounce rate is decreased from 1.63% to 0.57% Data hygiene by daily monitoring of reports and maintaining exclusion lists and list hygiene practices