More than 20% increase in the Subscriptions for OSN.

Business Challenge

There was a need in the industry for an Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform that is agile, cost effective, with no commitments to volumes and on a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Customer interaction with relevant and personalized content based upon the preferences and behaviour.
  • Lack of automation process to implement the marketing strategies in an efficient way to increase ROI.
  • Lack of centralized system to capture all the metrics and analytics. Also, Lack of actionable intelligence is the key challenge.
  • There is no proper data integration process which would be collecting all the touch points of customer. Lack of data integration into the Marketing system in real time is one of the key challenges.
  • Also lack of testing on the creative part is one of the key challenges. The brand wants to know which content is doing good in terms of revenue.
  • Lack of intelligent Marketing software which can build customer journeys and automate the marketing communications over multiple channels is the key challenge.
  • The current existing platform did not provide cross-channel communications.


Rezultize worked with the customer to understand the business objectives and marketing goals. Rezultize team conducted data discovery sessions with the Marketing, IT and content teams to understand the customer business, Challenges and future marketing goals. The outcome of these sessions is a data discovery document which gives a complete understanding of business. After completing the data discovery sessions Rezultize team conducted data modelling sessions which is very important for overall successful project implementation. Rezultize team built a scalable data model to implement customer Marketing strategies. For executing the devised marketing strategies, Oracle Responsys was implemented. Responsys was used to deliver superior customer experience through personalization.


Subscriptions increased from less than 40% to over 60%. Outbound marketing automation with Responsys helped OSN to better engage the customer and this resulted in improved campaign effectiveness, customer experience and a significant impact on customer conversions.